Research Essay

Research Essay
By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:
•Competency 1: Apply specific rhetorical and analytical strategies to works of writing that incorporate an appropriate use of source material. ?Present a position that is arguable and supported, stated in a clear and academic tone.
?Support position with evidence from scholarly resources.
•Competency 3: Focus on the informed opinion that drives the essay. ?Present strong, informed reasons that justify the essay’s position.
?Refute many possible opposing positions based on careful evaluation of source material.
•Competency 4: Evaluate source material critically. ?Incorporate quotes and information as appropriate to support the paper’s statement.
•Competency 6: Utilize established conventions of presentation, correctness, and documentation. ?Present a structure suitable for a scholarly research essay that applies correct grammar and mechanics to writing.

In this assignment, you will create a draft of your research essay.
The writing process varies significantly from writer to writer, so the time to complete the draft, and final revision of this and other papers, can vary significantly as well. Some writers complete much of the revision process while writing the first draft, while others rush-write the rough draft and then rewrite and revise in later drafts. The point is, the time to complete a piece of a writing assignment can vary greatly from writer to writer. Actual time spent here might range from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on your writing style.
1. Continue with your research plan, based on the detailed writing plan you submitted in Unit 7, if necessary.
2. Write the rough draft of your Research Essay. Focus on getting the content on paper, but do not ignore good writing techniques, including grammar and punctuation. Your essay content should be complete from start to finish and should include everything you intend to present in the final version of the essay. You will have the opportunity to change, revise, and edit your paper—based on feedback from your writing group for this essay—before the submission of the final version in Units 9 and 10. Be sure to include a Works Cited or Reference List page (as determined by your instructor).
3.Create a separate list of questions to solicit feedback from your instructor.