Research essay on the novel (Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee)Coetzee J. M. Disgrace. London: UK, Vintage ,2000.

Research essay on the novel (Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee)Coetzee J. M. Disgrace. London: UK, Vintage ,2000.

Your research essay is required to be your own thoughts and written in your own words.  Approximately 50% of your essay needs to be from the research you find, and approximately 50% of your essay needs to be your own analysis of the novel and your comments on the research.
1. You must use and integrate in your essay at least three peer-reviewed articles or books that help develop your analysis.  Critical essays from peer-reviewed journals or books offer the kind and quality of information required for research.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are necessary as “research before the research” but are NOT considered one of the three research articles necessary to meet the minimum requirements for the assignment.  Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source for this course.

Each source of information needs to be listed in your Works Cited page; it also needs to be referred to somewhere in the essay itself, and cited with an in-text citation in MLA format.  Remember that your documentation also includes any material summarized, paraphrased or quoted directly from Disgrace.

The quality of sources used in the research paper will be considered when assigning a grade.  Note the web links that are available on the toolbar.  You can access the MLA format document, Writing and Learning Services, Research Services, and me for any assistance you need in fulfilling this assignment.

3.  Your research essay needs to be 1250- 1500 words.  Remember that your word count does NOT include direct quotations but DOES include paraphrases. You are encouraged to view these subjects as points of departure for your own topic or approach, which you then encapsulate in your thesis statement.

The subject is not checklist of ideas you need to include, and the suggestions for background research are to enable you to understand some of ideas against which the novel unfolds.  The focus of the research essay needs to be the novel.  The background research needs to be briefly summarized and included where appropriate.

1.     Analyze Lucy in Disgrace by exploring her relationship to David.  Consider whether Lucy’s ancestry is a factor that that drives a wedge between her and her father.  Provide three or four characteristics of Lucy, her strengths, weaknesses, or both.  Link your analysis to the theme of identity, and whether or not Lucy maintains it in the face of enormous challenges.  Be specific and focused, providing evidence from the novel to support your analysis.
Background research:
You will need to research the historical European settling of South Africa as well as the indigenous peoples who were there, and who came to be so drastically affected by the policies put in place under apartheid.  There are other aspects that you will also need to research as you explore this subject.