Research method for international business


Requirements (1) Data used in this group project are secondary data available from the World Bank Enterprise Survey, and you need to use at least ten countries in your sample. (2) Each group must submit a written report (two hard copies) by the deadline. This report should inter alia include: ? A 1-page ‘executive summary’ (about 200 words) ? A short introduction of the project including the research question you are to address (about 100 words) ? A methodology section that includes: a) description of data and sample; b) justifications (preferably based on previous studies) for the choice of variables; and c) expected result for each variable (about 800 words) ? Summary statistics table(s), graphs and correlation table(s) should be described (about 700 words) ? Discussion of the results from the statistical analysis (about 800 words) ? A discussion of how qualitative methods could be used to support or expand this research agenda. Which methods would you apply, and how would you go about applying them? Why would you choose these methods instead of other potential alternatives, and what exactly would you hope to learn from them? (about 400 words) ? Bibliography ? A log of group meetings, including meeting times, attendances, milestones and expected outcomes for each meeting (In appendices if necessary) (3) The data should be analysed using a variety of statistical techniques such as: ? Summary statistics ? Graphs/figures (such as pie, histogram, scatterplot etc.) ? Correlation analysis ? Regression analysis (using OLS estimator and/or Fixed Effect estimator) There is no guarantee that any or all of your statistical tests will reveal statistically significant effects. But marks are not awarded for obtaining significant results, but for carrying out the analysis properly and interpreting the results correctly. — Please download the SPSS files from here Please use SPSS to find the following 10 countries. Brazil, China, India, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam The second assignment for this module is a 3000-word group project, which accounts for 50% of the final mark. Each group is required to collect data and address a research question using statistical analysis. You need to propose a research question, design empirical methodology, describe sampling, analyse data, provide a written report of the findings, and discuss how qualitative methods could be used to support or expand the research study. Submission deadline is notified through Sussex Direct.