Research methodologies on history and narrative methods.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Research methodologies on history and narrative methods.

Write 2 pages and a half about case study and a half page about life history and narrative methods.
it is not a formal paper, it is notes about the reading as a summary. for each point please write the page number and the line for each comment (the most interesting works-how,etc

2.The role of finance analysis.

write an essay research about the role of financial analysis for the
Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company SAOG and Al Maha Ceramics SAOG .


professional portfolio is a purposeful collection of work that exhibits efforts, progress, and achievement in multiple areas. It is an assortment of artifacts that represents a selection of what
you believe is your best work along with a narrative to gain insight about the learning of the classroom students. This professional portfolio will help you prepare for an interview or a new job.

Create the shell of your digital portfolio with no additional content.

Develop a digital professional portfolio that is a compilation of professional work, student samples, and a demonstration of your personal education philosophy. The platform of this portfolio must
be digital; however, the site you use is up to you. (Search “free digital portfolios” to help find the platform that works best for you). Y

Provide a rationale for each artifact and align it to one or more InTASC standard. Upload at least one artifact for each of the 10 InTASC standards. There is an example in the “Professional
Teaching Portfolio Outline” to help get you started.