Research Methodology: Correlation Essay

Order Description

A. Select two psychological variables

1. From your experience, interests or textbook

2. For example (i.e.):

a. binge drinking &

b. aggressive behavior, poor grades, sexual promiscuity, OR accidents

B. Content: compose a two page essay describing the relationship between the two variables:

1. Start with a left-justified header: Name, Course/section, Title and Date*

2. After a brief introduction, define each variable individually and separately

3. Estimate the direction of the correlation (relationship): Positive or negative

4. Estimate the strength of the relationship between the variables:

a. strong (.67-1)

b. medium (.34-.66)

c. weak (.01-.33)

5. Discuss the nature of the relationship, citing solid scientific sources,

6. Give a summary and conclusion at the end of the essay, including recommendations for future research

C. Format

1. 12 point Times New Roman Font

2. Double-spaced

3. 2 FULL pages, minimum length!

4. No Title/Abstract Page or (separate) Reference Page required for a short essay.

D. Cite sources used within body of paper with short in-text (note) citations:

E. Consult an APA Style writing link for help with proper documentation:

1. 2. Purdue Writing Lab:

. 3. Direct quotes: (author, date, p#)

4. Paraphrased citations: (author, date)

H. Use longer complete and matching APA Style references just beneath text/body..

F. Cite two (2) “full text” journal articles from (etc.) relating to your correlation topic::

G. If doesn’t “pan out”, try

1. and/or



4. , or

5. . (Be sure to end search with “…….pdf”)

. 6. Avoid generic websites: Wikipedia,, etc. in scholarly writing! .