Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

As you learned in your reading, developmental psychologists employ many types of research methods in order to study development and changes in individuals over time. In this assignment, you will explore one of these research methods in-depth and create a short presentation on your chosen research method.
Select one of the following research methods to explore:
Experiment Correlation Case Study Observation Interviews / Qualitative Create a short PowerPoint presentation (approximately 6-8 slides) in which you:
describe your chosen research method explain under what circumstances this research method would be used in the field of psychology identify at least one benefit of using this method, as well as at least one drawback of using this method describe a topic in developmental psychology that you would be interested in studying and how you would use your chosen research method to study that topic. Be specific! Describe who your population would be, how you would collect your data, how you would analyze your data, any