Research paper on Street gangs

Research paper on Street gangs Topic: Assume that you have been asked by your community to look at what might work in deterring the rise of street gangs in your area. You have also been asked to consider what direction might be taken to deal with the current problem. Review the various programs and strategies that have been implemented by different communities in attempting to combat the impact of youth gangs. Instructions: Before you begin writing, you will need to review the information that is currently available on street gangs. Begin by reviewing Street Gangs.You are also encouraged to locate resources on your own. As you determine your response to the assigned topic. keep the following questions in mind. Your paper should address these questions. • What has worked in dealing with gangs? Why do you think so? • What do you sense is the community’s role in developing a strategy to deal with street gangs? • Does a policing strategy to address these needs work best alone? Or should a policing strategy be developed in conjunction with other community efforts? Explain your position. • Do you think that short-term or long-term strategies would have a better impact on the community? Give reasons for your answer. Resources: You are also encouraged to locate your own resources. Your research paper should reflect a Canadian point of view and not be based on the US gang experience. Be sure to include a complete