Research Proposal Project: Implementation Plan (Ethics, Recruitment, Data Collection).

For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will focus on the implementation plan, which includes considerations for ethics, recruitment practices, and a plan for how you will collect your data. Please note that you will not explain how to analyze your data in this section, but rather how you will go about collecting the data.
The following components must be addressed:
• Explain how you will ensure your research is conducted in an ethical manner
• Include a copy of an informed consent that will be included for participants of your research proposal project (see below)
• Explain how you will recruit participants for your study, and how your recruitment process will remain ethical. Be sure to address any incentives (if applicable)
• Explain what quantitative data you will collect and how you will go about collecting this data (survey, questionnaire, observation, etc.)

Points Range: 20.5425 (27.39%) – 24.75 (33.00%)
A clear and appropriate explanation of how ethics are addressed in the research project is included.
Informed Consent Form
Points Range: 21.165 (28.22%) – 25.5 (34.00%)
A consent form is included and is appropriate for the study planned.
Points Range: 20.5425 (27.39%) – 24.75 (33.00%)
An explanation of how participants will be recruited for the study is included and is appropriate for the research project.
Data Collection
Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 0 (0.00%)
A process for data collection is clearly explained and is appropriate for the research project.
APA & Mechanics
Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 0 (0.00%)
The assignment consistently follows current APA format and is free from errors in formatting, citation, and references. There are no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.