research skills for international business (assignment topic)

research skills for international business (assignment topic)
The exercise aim to enhance your ability to:
Identify, interpret and evaluate relevant sources of data (-you will use these skills in your specialist modules)
Plan and communicate a research methodology.
You are required to individually
1. Submit one world file use Moodle
2. The file title is your university student registration number
3. This file is a research proposal for a project which investigates one research issue in any field related to your award.
Your research proposal should include:
Your submission sheet as the front cover of your work.
1. A 500 words statement of the academic background to your research problem based on a review of at least five relevant academic journal articles.

2. One research question and three research objectives (100 words)
3. A 700 word critique of the usefulness for your proposal. Of the sources of data and quantitative method of analyzing them report in at least five relevant published works (they will probably differ from (2).) Each work must be fully referenced (no word limit)

4. A statement (700 words) of a methodology (qualitative, quantitative or mixed) which you would propose to address your research problem. This should include examples and proposed work timetable (e.g. a Gantt chart –not word limited)

But do not attempt to systematically collect any primary or secondary data at this stage.