Research Topic From Attached List

The paper topic must be selected from the list of six crime prevention/control related issues provided below.
Paper topics:
1. Reducing/controlling crime through environmental design: Does it appear to be working? Why or why not?
2. Neighborhood/community crime prevention: Does it work? Why or why not?
3. What currently is the role of the mass media in crime prevention? Should the media be doing more to help control and prevent crime? Why or why not?
4. Crime prevention in schools: Should schools be burdened with teaching crime prevention to students? Why or why not?
5. Controlling and preventing drug abuse: Should we legalize drugs? If so, should we legalize all drugs or only specific drugs? Defend your opinion.
6. Social crime prevention: Are these efforts worth the cost? Why or why not?

Paper Structure
1. Tile page
2. Abstract page
3. Body of paper
a. Introduction
b. Literature Review
c. Section Headings
d. Conclusion
4. Reference page(s)

1. Select a topic from the list above.
2. Provide a general overview of the specific topic you have selected, including a historical background in the Introduction section of the paper.
3. Identify the pros and cons generally associated with this manner of crime prevention. In other words, identify and discuss the rationale for this method of crime prevention and criticisms of it.
4. Provide concluding statements about your paper and what you believe the future holds.
5. You must have at least six references, with at least two sources coming from scholastic journals in criminology and/or criminal justice.
6. You must use the APA citation style. Two links have been provided to assist you.