Researched Evaluation of an Historical Film.

For this project, you will choose a film set least 50 years in the past, but which was released no more than 20 years ago. You will use scholarly sources to evaluate the effectiveness and authenticity of your film based on your own clearly-established evaluation criteria.
Steps to complete the project

  1. Choose a film that meets the requirements 2. Establish your three evaluation criteria. Some suggestions might be: set design, costume design, use of language/dialect/accent, cultural representations, historical accuracy, etc. 3. Research the time period and events depicted in the film. 4. Create a thesis statement that presents your argument and the evaluation criteria. Here are a few sample thesis statements.
    • Although the 2007 film, The 300 is visually appealing and exciting, it is woefully inaccurate in terms of gender relations, depiction of
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