What topic are you going to explore?

Why does this topic interest you?

What would be your thesis statement for this paper?

What do you already know about this topic?

How can you use this report in the “real” world?

Freewriting (write continuously for 5-10 minutes about your topic without worrying about spelling or grammar):

Clustering Ideas:

Anticipating the Audience:

What do my readers need to know about this topic?

What do they already know?

How will they react to this information?

RESEARCH STRATEGY (List sources and methods of data collection)

How will I conduct my research?

How many sources will I use in my research paper (minimum 5 required)?

(Rough draft of your major headings and subheadings covered in your paper)

(Estimated time needed to complete all the tasks.)

  1. Selection of topic and thesis Date(s):
  2. Rough outline Date(s):
  3. Conduct research Date(s):
  4. Go through the research and make selection of articles Date(s):
  5. Start the writing process Date(s):
  6. Complete my 2nd draft Date(s):
  7. Revising, editing, and proofreading Date(s):