Discussion | Soft Skills and Decision Making POST BY FISH Based on my experience in healthcare, a situation where interpersonal skills impacted an important decision tends to occur during meetings, where some managers have different ideas or approaches for taking care of certain patient visit processes. It happened to me once where the clinical site director diffused a certain situation during a meeting where people think they have the best approach and it was ruled as a general vote. As a future health services administrator, my chosen leadership style would influence the interactions and engagements I provide the consumers of my organization’s health care services. “The transformational leadership paradigm can be used to enhance the formulation and implementation of meaningful management training programs. Policies, as well as education and training programs, can be formulated to foster a transformational leadership style. A commitment to developing transformational leaders can foster recruitment, selection and training of candidates who have the qualities to become effective leaders.” (Spinelli, 2006) My personal approach as a healthcare administrator would play along the lines of leading by example and promoting self-action to my benefactors. The implications that effective team dynamics have on health services delivery are based on how well the team workflow is and the support that they deliver as a team. Bibliography Spinelli, R. J. (2006, March 1). The Applicability of Bass’s Model of Transformational, Transactional and Laissez-faire Leadership in the Hospital Administration Environment.Retrieved from EBSCO: What is a Substantive Post? • Substantive responses to peers include discussion extenders such as expanding on the points of discussion in your own words, supported by scholarly references, or providing alternative perspectives supported with scholarly references. • Responses to peers could also include reflecting back the meaning of their post to provide context and insight. • Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation by supporting your answer with authoritative sources, such as references to scholarly articles.