Response to peer Thread


See the attachments and answer the question below. what are ways to best achieve this engagement? References must be 5 years or less and in APA format.
A vision statement provides a mental image of the organization’s future goals and what it will take to achieve these goals. This statement allows consistency when communicating the goals of the organization to all stakeholders (Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan, & Sittig, 2016, p.336). Mission statements encompass the purpose and objectives of the organization. It should be clear and concise so that all stakeholders will interpret it the same. The quality of the mission statement can affect employees’ motivation to perform their jobs (Desmidt, 2016, p.895).
The mission statement at my organization (BSD) consists of five words, literally, which basically states how the organization is dedicated to community health. The vision statement is one sentence that boasts about striving for service excellence and clinical quality with an emphasis that this vision will set the organization apart from other organizations. These statements are one liner’s, however, the organization’s values statement include service, safety, excellence, respect, vision, innovation, compassion, for everyone. BSD’s value statement has many similarities to St. Louis Medical Center’s mission and vision statement. The two SLMC’s statements are more detailed and up-to-date as the vision statement talks about consumer-driven healthcare from a holistic approach.
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