Restoring the functing of a machine

1- how are you going to store the components ?

  • when the customer want to fix his components will but it into input box and the linear Actuators will take it to a place for solving component straight and measure it, however, will linear Actuators going to take it in tow different way :

– To the output box that have screen shown details about the component and return it to the customer.

2- How are we going to measure the components ?

When the machine working to restore the resister and making in it straight as before use it, the measuring will work after the machine straight the components and it will show in the screen how many ohms in the resister after measuring and making it straight it will go in the box of the size of the ohms like if it is 100 ohms or it 20K ohms it will go directly in the box of it or it will go in the box for restoring which is the junk and the other components will do the same with everything as the resistors.

We will use multimeter bored for measuring the components we going to connect the wires from the circuits bored to the components after making it straight

3- how are you going to straighten ?

Using linear Actuators for the movement of the component to make it rotate 360 and steel from up to down 3.5 sec and let the steel go up for making the component rotate and down agin from up and down for 3.5 sec and the speed will be 2.5 to 3.8 .