result and discussion section Assingment

result and discussion section Assingment
Lab Assignment 7: Results and Discussion II (20 pts.)

Your assignment for next week is to write a 1-2 page Results and Discussion section describing this experiment.
Before the beginning of lab next week, you should submit a document in Blackboard that contains the following:
1. An APA formatted title page listing you as the author. Be sure to include the following:
• Title
• Author Name
• Affiliation
• Running head
• Page number

2. An APA formatted Results and Discussion Section. I will be looking for:
• Explanation of the dependent measure involved in the study
• Reporting the descriptive statistics (means and standard deviations of each condition)
• A table, graph, or chart of some sort (but only of condition averages and standard deviations. Do NOT copy and paste the raw data from the Excel spreadsheet, or include every participant’s scores).
• Inferential statistics (Repeated-measures ANOVA, post-hocs, and effect sizes)
• APA style for reporting statistical tests

3. In a separate paragraph, include a brief discussion. Interpret the meaning of the statistical tests, talk about shortcomings of the study, or suggest possibilities for future studies. Usually the Discussion section is completely separate from the Results, but in some cases it is acceptable to merge Results and Discussion in this way.