Retirement Movie Review

Select one of the films briefly described below that deals in some way with
retirement related issues as the major theme. You will watch the film and then write a brief summary
(2 pages) of how the film relates to various topics (e.g., retirement decision making, retirement
adjustment, bridge employment, leisure in retirement, etc.)

Pick a movie from list:A Man Called Ove (Released in U.S. in 2017) ,The Intern (2015) , Up (2009),The Notebook (2004) , Still Alice (2015),The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008):

1) What movie did you watch? Include the title, when you saw it, and why you chose it as a movie
to illustrate retirement related concepts. Note, even if you have seen the movie before, even
multiple times (e.g., It’s a Wonderful Life), you need to watch it again now that you have read all
this material on retirement and aging, and make clear and convincing connections back to the
class materials (including the two videos from Week 1 where appropriate).
2) What is the main work and/or retirement issue (e.g., retirement adjustment, work after
retirement, late career issues, older workers work-family conflict, etc.) featured in the film? How
is the issue dealt with and resolved? If not resolved, why not?
3) How do you feel about the handling of this issue? What made it “right” or “wrong” and what other
choices and actions might have been taken (and why)?
4)What lessons, and insights, about retirement did you derive from this analysis?