Review of Article on Diabetes

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Review of Article on Diabetes

Review a drug related article from this site ( Article should be less than 3 years old). Summarize the information and describe the relevance of the information to your nursing practice.*demonstrate leadership in implementing practices that promote safe administration of medications in multiple settings
utilize critical thinking to evaluate and implement current evidence based research based on pharmacology
select technology-based resources that are appropriate to support safe drug therapy.analyze and discuss current literature relating to the treatment of endocrine disorders
recognize the mechanism of actions and effects of various drugs that affect the endocrine system
identify and discuss the role of the nurse in administering medications that affect the endocrine system.

2. Games & Gender


Dis?uss a gam? that you think is targeted at females. Provide eviden?e that leads you to this claim (e.g., what the avatars look like, how masculinity and femininity are represented within the game, what the core gameplay is, etc.). Do you think that trying to create a female gamer market (i.e., different from the male gamer market) is another way of reinforcing gender stereotypes? What is needed in game design to widen the female gaming market? Explain why.

3. Policy Health Care Issue

Describe a public-health policy issue with which you have personal and/or professional experience, and about which you are interested, familiar, and passionate. Why is this issue of particular interest/importance to you and to the profession of nursing?