review the article “Supermarket Monsters

review the article “Supermarket Monsters
Q1. Where do Woolworths see the major areas of growth occurring? Does this create concerns in relation to CSR?
Q2. Do you believe their policy on responsible service of alcohol and gaming adequate?
Q3. Where do you believe Woolworths fit on the Benn et al Human and Ecological sustainability index? (Slide 30)

4. Do Woolworths identify all their salient stakeholders effectively in their GRI report? Why is this an important issues?
5. Is there a healthy tension between key stakeholders? Consider this question in relation to the milk-war with Coles?

? How does your chosen case study organisation prioritise its stakeholders? What stakeholder tensions exist? What is your evidence?
Does this public image reflect the reality of how Woolworths perceives, prioritises and deals with its stakeholders?
? 7.30 Report Video
? Australian Farmers and Growers Squeezed By Supermarket Chains To Breaking Point
• Importance of shareholders as stakeholders in the private sector
• Disclosure of possible tensions between stakeholders illustrated by GRI reporting
• Specific tensions for Woolworths
Negative externalities associated with alcohol and gaming
Responsible sourcing, treatment of suppliers
Influencing public policy
• Transparency in reporting
• , focussing on Woolworths management of its stakeholders, involving issues arising from its milk war with Coles.
particular it will focus on the so-called Milk-Wars between Woolworth’s and Coles.
What influence might the GRI have on the way Woolworths choose to conduct their business?
? Woolworths currently report under GRI3.1
? Do you think Woolworth’s should have full disclosure of their business activities under GRI V4?
? Why might they choose not to?
? See slide 10 etc..