revision, expansion, and added research.

Choose one of your previous essays—i—for revision, expansion, and added research. The prompt will remain the same, though you may devise
your own topic: since this is an original critical research essay, your topic cannot overlap with

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Moreover, the scope of essay #5 requires you to expand your critical argument; outside sources can only account partially for said expansion.
Essay #5 is a research paper which, in addition to the primary source, you must use at least three reputable secondary sources. Wikipedia and other online
encyclopedias are NOT research sources! These can be useful to consult, but they are not sources with which to back up critical analysis. The same applies even more to
student essays (or study guides) posted on various paper mills. Note that any quotations used as a lead-in or ‘hook’ are not considered secondary sources (these are
tertiary sources as they do not contribute directly to the critical argument being made).
Essay #5 is to be typed using Times New Roman 12-point font, and double-spaced with one-inch margins.