“RFID’s Security Problem”

“RFID’s Security Problem”
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DSM-5 Case Summary
This assignment is the only assignment in this process that will look at individual planning. It parallels the assessment and capacity stages of the SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework, looking at the needs of an individual client in relation to the capacity of the organization to meet those needs. Write a 2–3 page clinical case summary of one of the clients identified in the Riverbend City mission for the course, Mark Tucker or NoritsaArgulian. Use the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria as the foundation for summarizing the addictive or compulsive behavioral symptoms and preliminary diagnoses. Explain the following comprehensive case history information with as much information as known for either client:
•Presenting problem or problems and referral sources.
•Client’s relevant history related to addictive or compulsive behaviors and life domain issues.
•Preliminary diagnosis using DSM-5 criteria and preliminary service recommendations.
•Organization’s resources or ability to refer other organizations in meeting client needs.
Please keep in mind that this first component will serve as the basis for the rest of your course project, as you will be considering the services that can be provided by your agency, gaps in services available, services that may need to have integration from other agencies, and how to meet client needs based on strategic planning initiatives. If your initial case history is well-detailed in terms of presenting the problem, individual life domain needs, and organizational and community services available, and plans for integration of services, your Organizational Strategic Plan will be easier to develop as you work through the course.
Make sure you include references to relevant resources, including the DSM-5 and SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework. This assignment also requires you to include supporting literature about assessing individual client needs and organizational capacity. You must include at least four citations, which can include your course texts, the SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework, or other literature about individual or community assessment processes.

Submission Guidelines
•Written communication: Communicate by providing logical presentation of arguments and well-reasoned recommendations with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing mechanics, and use of APA style citations.
•Length: 2–3 pages.
•References: Use at least four references, which can include material from the course.