Rhetoric and Media

Rhetoric and Media
take advantage of the writing supports available to you, including CCT l 10’s
dedicated writing instructor and the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre
(http:/’/www.utm.utoronto.ca/asc/welcomef) as well as research support in the library.
0 3-5 pages, double-spaced (includes bibliography, no title page necessary)
Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1″ margins
No title page necessary. Please put your full name and student number on the top
of your assignment, number your pages and STAPLE your assignment before
0 Spell-checked and proofread, free from typos
All research used cited in APA style (including in-text citations, any mentions of
scholars’ research, and your bibliography) Note that the bibliography is included
in the page count for this assignment.

CCT 110: Rhetoric and Media
Winter 2016
Profs. Nicole Cohen and Michael Dick

Assignments Overview – Three Assignments

1. Essay Plan and Bibliography – due January 28 15%

2. Thesis Statement and Introduction Draft – due February 11, 10%

3. Term Paper (with reflection) – due March 17, 25%
Choose One Topic for All Three Assignments
These are the same topics you worked on for writing assignment #4 in CCT 109 this past
fall. You do not have to work on the same topic, but you must pick one topic to work
with for all three assignments in CCT l 10.
However, you are not allowed to reuse work you submitted for grading in CCT 109. You
may use the same source material and build on the work you have done on this topic, but
do not cut and paste, which constitutes an academic offence.
Be sure to keep your graded copies of assignment #1 and assignment #2 to submit along
with your term paper.
Topic Options

Participatory media systems and developments in the legal and economic

treatment of cultural and informational goods

Online social networking platforms and effects on social relationships

0 The relationship of user-generated content to the practice of journalism

0 The production of ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) and

ecological sustainability
New media and surveillance society
0 The social and cultural impact of mobile technologies
Assignment Description: Select a topic for your final paper and construct a plan for your
essay and a bibliography of sources you will use in your research. Answer the following
questions in your essay plan (use the following five bold headings and numbers in your
assignment to ensure you have included all the components):

1. Topic: State which topic you are selecting and describe what you know about this
topic and what you plan to write about in your essay (include citations if you are
drawing on research/scholars’ work). (1-2 paragraphs)

2. Research question: Design a research question based on your topic that you will
answer in your term paper (what will your essay seek to find out?) Remember to
keep your question specific and narrow enough to be answered in a S-page essay.
See “Narrowing Your Topic and Formulating a Specific Research Question“ in
Blau and Burak 4‘11 ed p. 405 (3rd ed. p. 405). This research question is the
question that your thesis statement answers.

3. My plan: Describe what steps you need to undertake to write the term paper
assigmnent (read the description of the assignment below). Think through the
process of writing an essay in detail and describe all the steps you are going to
take. This will be your “plan of action” for getting your term paper written: try to
be as specific as you can and think about including deadlines for each step you
need to do (up to l page).

4. Essay outline: Include an outline for your essay, based on the research you have
already done and plan to do. For tips on essay outlines, see
http2/,”www.writing.utoronto.ca/advicex’planning-and-organizing/organizing and

5. Bibliography: Include a preliminary bibliography in APA style of 6 peer-
rcvicwed, scholarly sources you will use for your essay. You may list the sources
you used in writing assignment #4 in CC T 109, but you might find these are not
relevant, in which case you should seek out more research as you refine your
research question and narrow your topic.

This assignment requires that you put work into conducting research (finding sources),
reading the research and thinking about what your final paper will look like. For this
assignment, you do not yet need to provide a specific thesis, but should be starting to
think about one. This plan will be the foundation for your essay as you move toward
writing your term paper and will allow your TA to provide you with feedback.