Risk analysis, Earned value Management (EVM) and capital investment analysis

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Risk analysis, Earned value Management (EVM) and capital investment analysis

a. Identify and evaluate all the risks associated with the project activities and subsequently develop mitigating actions where appropriate. Comment on the key risks and mitigation activities.
b. Assess the project performance and progress using the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique. Comment on the accuracy and value of the EVM method.
?c. Generate a spreadsheet to analyse the cashflow and discounted payback for the capital investment based on a discount factor of 8%, and subsequently determine the payback period. Comment on your

2. Change management initiative that is being, triggered by an external source

Identify a change management initiative that was, or is being, triggered by an external source, for example, BREXIT or Zero Emission automobile targets. Analyse how the organisation, or indeed the
industry, is apparently tackling the change (identify the rationale, objectives, planning activities, implementation strategies and evaluate them), then compare against ‘best practice’ (given your
understanding of the course to what extent can you identify the usage of theory/best practice, would you recommend alternative courses of action?).

3. Optical Distortion Case Study

1. What characteristics of the ODI contact lens are likely to make it appealing or unappealing to different types of chicken farmers?
2. In what geographic areas should ODI focus its efforts?
3. On what market segments (in addition to geographic) should ODI focus its efforts?
4. What pricing policy should ODI adopt?
5. What level of marketing efforts should ODI be considering? In particular, what information, incentives and technical assistance will be required to induce trial and/or repurchase?
6. What is a realistic goal for ODI?