risk management technology 22

risk management technology 22

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please read this book:business_analytics_data_analysis_and_decision_making_6th_edition_by_albright

there are 8 modules please read the chapters and write me a discussion for each module( half a page for every module discussion)

Module 3
Chapter 6. Decision Making Under Uncertainty.
Elements of a Decision Analysis, The PrecisionTree Add-In, Bayes’ Rule, Multistage Decision
Problems, Incorporating Attitudes Toward Risk
Discussion – Discuss a potential application of decision analysis that would benefit your organization?

Module 4
Chapter 6. Decision Making Under Uncertainty (continued)
Chapter 4 pdf – ‘Making Choices’ – EMV, decision path and strategy, risk profile, cumulative risk profile, deterministic dominance, stochastic dominance, multiple
Discussion – Discuss a problem with multiple objectives.

Module 5
Chapter 6. Decision Making Under Uncertainty. (continued)
Chapter 5 pdf – ‘Sensitivity Analysis’ – One way sensitivity analysis, two way sensitivity analysis.
Discussion – How can sensitivity analysis aid a decision maker involved in a complex problem?

Module 6
Chapter 13. Introduction to Optimization Modeling.
Introduction to Optimization, A Two-Variable Product Mix Model, Sensitivity Analysis, Properties of Linear Models, Infeasibility and Unboundedness, A Larger Product
Mix Model, A Multiperiod Production Model, A Comparison of Algebraic and Spreadsheet Models, A Decision Support System.
Discussion – Discuss an application of a linear programming.

Module 7
Chapter 14. Optimization Models.
Workforce Scheduling Models, Blending Models, Logistics Models
Discussion – Discuss a decision problem that would benefit from the application of a scheduling, blending or logistic model,

Module 8
Chapter 14. Optimization Models (continued).
Aggregate Planning Models, Financial Models, Integer Programming Models, Nonlinear Programming Models.
Discussion – Discuss an application of a nonlinear or integer programming.

Module 9
Chapter 15. Introduction to Simulation Modeling.
Probability Distributions for Input Variables, Simulation and the Flaw of Averages, Simulation with Built-In Excel Tools, Introduction to the @RISK Add-in, The Effects
of Input Distributions on Results.
Discussion – Discuss an application of a probability distribution to represent some random process or event.

Module 10
Chapter 16. Simulation Models.
Discussion – Discuss an application of a simulation model.