Role of managers in e business strategies



your task is to improve the complete paper provided in the files based on following feedback what the Essay should contain! With that i mean to provide content from your own research, not just improving the writing! The paper focuses heavily on Customer Relationship Management. This paper was done before from another writer here so check out this work first! But it needs significant improvement!


Table of contents:


  • ebusiness
  • role of managers in ebusiness strategies
  • perfomance measures
  • risk benefit analysis of ebusiness

Customer relationship management

  • advantages, disadvantages, risks and success factors in business


  • brief intro, what ebusiness strategy are they using, what system and how the system helps achieve growth in the company

(All original not taken from any resources )

Keep the the interview based section which is required in this paper, but structure like stated above and improve the paper as much as you can.

Topic for this Essay:

Customer Relationship Management at company Sephora (e – commerce section)

  • Essential for accomplishing a good result for this assignment is extensive research exactly on
    the topic: Customer relationship management related to the huge e – business/commerce
    section of the company.

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