Rothenberg -Understanding Racism,

“Traditional Reflection” Write a reflection that answers the following questions.

  • What were the authors main points? You can list each reading separately and write the main point of each reading OR you can write about 2-3 main points that all of the readings addressed. – How do the authors prove/make their point(s)? Be specific—use quote(s)/data to help illustrate. – What did you learn from the reading? (I strongly encourage you NOT to write, ‘I didn’t learn anything from this reading.”) – What was confusing? What questions did this raise? Provide critical reflection.
    Readings: Rothenberg -Understanding Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism, and Class Privilege pp.99-103 – “Night to His Day”: The Social Construction of Gender, pp. 38-46 -The Invention of Heterosexuality, pp.47-58 -Oppression; Marilyn Frye, pp.130-133