Routine Assessment at Nicklaus UCC (Urgent Care Center)

  1. What do i do when attending at UCC 2. What did i learned from the activities performed 3. What were the positives experiences while attending at UCC 4.What were the negative experiences while attending at UCC 5. What recommendation can you offer to enhance this learning experience.
    As an RN i follow my preceptor , we take the patient(CHILD) and parent to a room we interview the patient and parent (chief complaint) we make a full assessment on the child and then we take the information to the doctors. I am only allow to do vital signs but i help my preceptor around cleaning and getting medications ready to be administer by the physician orders. Please make 1 page for this class work but separate them like it was 3 days example Day 1 nd follow the rubrics above Day 2 same Day 3 same