The following post has three assignments namely;


How does rule synthesis impact your work or personal life? Provide examples based on your specifics at work or at home. You may take an issue you had to consider at work / home where you had to determine what the rule was. (Word document, 1 page, double-spaced

2.Critical Reflective Practice part2

1. The first task of Part Two entails the construction of a critical incident diary and an accompanying critical review of professional norms, values and behaviours that underpin learning and development within your profession. The diary will be around 2500 words in total and will provide an insight into your recognition of the difference between ‘perceived’ versus ‘actual’ reality.In preparing your critical incident you should revisit:o How what you document in your critical incident diary is ‘known’ and how much you rely on assumption for your observations and conclusion. Acknowledge your own stance in relation to your previous consideration of meaning making and authenticity and the interactive dialogue you had about this.o Incorporate the significance of your own professional context and how this context directly influences your capacity to ‘know’.
o Again, any theoretical examples you use to illustrate your critical incident diary ought to incorporate accuracy in the use of Harvard referencing.
2. The second task of Part 2 requires you to produce a professional autobiography that incorporates a critical review of your personal norms, values and behaviours underpinning your professional identity. For this you must:o Evaluate your personal career trajectory and identify the characteristic traits of your professional practice.
o Debate the significance of objective and subjective reality in the context of professional practice.
o Outline the significance of how who you are personally influences who you are professionally (if at all). Both of these Tasks are equally weighted (50% each) and ought to be 2500 words in length

3.Thorntons brand analysis and re launch strategy

1. Your Task
Choose one of the brands from the list below. All these are fairly long-established brands that might be successful in their current state, but could do with a makeover to bring them into the 21st century. Building on your critical evaluation of its current strategy and the theory discussed in the module, your task is to develop a new/updated branding strategy for the brand you have chosen. Your recommendations must be fully justified and viable. Both your analysis and re-launch strategy should consider the UK market only.
Choose one of the following brands:
Blue Riband
Tiptree (Wilkin & Sons)