Ruth Fertel and Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth Fertel and Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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Small Business Insight: Ruth Fertel and Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth Fertel wouldn’t believe the investors who told her the world didn’t need another steak house. She differentiated by going very upscale – finest ingredients and ambiance. In this case study you are to research the value proposition that makes Ruth’s Steak House. Then:

1. Define the unique value proposition

2. Does this value proposion offer Ruth’s Steak House a unique competive advantage and why?

3. Can this value proposition be duplicated?

A. If yes explain.

B. If no explain

4. Are there any lessons learned from Ruth Fertel that you can ally to your new business start-up?

Include in-text citations and references only, full APA compliance is not required for this case study. Leverage the Internet to research your responses to add additional value. Include a minimum of 3 references, the text may be one. When addressing this assignment list the question, bold it and then answer the question. Submit your paper back into the link for this assignment. USE IN TEXT CITATIONS!


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