safety audit program

You have just been hired as the Director of Safety and Health at US Jets, a mid-sized business organization that designs, manufactures, and sells
mid-sized business jets in San Carlos, California- Since you completed your MSOSM graduate degree at Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University, you
understand the importance of safety audits- You have decided that you want to implement a safety audit program- However, your boss, Mr. George
Jetson may not understand What is involved in a safety audit and may not understand the benefits of completing a safety audit-
You are the first Director of Safety and Health at this organization- The safety function was previously managed by the Human Resources
department- Over the past few years, the company has grown quickly. With the growth and greater production requirements, some safety problems
have emerged- Worker injuries have increased significantly and Cal/OSHA recently visited the company and issued a citation for not having a forma
Injury and Illness Prevention Program- Thus, George Jetson decided to hire a Director of Safety and Health-

Writing Assignment: Draft a letter to Mr. George Jetson, Chief Operating Officer (your supervisor), explaining that you want to establish a safety
audit program- Within your letter be sure to address the following:
Discuss the purpose of a safety audit
Present a plan for the overall audit process
Be sure to highlight how the audit Will be completed and the materials, etc- that Will be assessed
Propose a time frame and implementation agenda for the audit
Provide a justification for Why you want to complete the safety audit, Which details the expected benefits
Be sure you make a business case for the audit
For your letter format, please see the Purdue Online Writing Lab’s guidance for writing a business letter
Write your letter using block format- The letter should be succinct, but detailed enough to fully address the requirements of the writing assignment-