SAFEWAY Corporation Strategic Plan

Explain the current situation of the organization (industry, market, and general environment analysis).

SWOT Analysis

In this space, assess the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of the chosen company highlighting opportunities for change and address contingencies.

Environmental Scan and Porter’s 5 Forces

In this space, summarize the results of your Environmental Scan and Porter’s 5 Forces, evaluating the degree to which they aid in conceptualizing the company’s competitive position in its marketplace.

International Performance
In this space, assess the company’s international performance in light of cultural barriers, monetary exchange rates, and political instability.

Operational Planning
Financial Performance

In this space, analyze the financial performance and condition of the organization.

Operational Budget and Assessment

In this space, discuss the Operational Budget and Assessment using key ratios and performance indicators.

Strategic Goals: Core Strategies and Tactics
Strategic Goals

In this space, share measurable core strategic goals for each of the three to four areas identified from the SWOT analysis, including contingencies.

Prioritized Core Strategies

In this space, prioritize the core strategies, estimating the ease of achievement and time to completion.

Recommended Organizational Structure

In this space, recommend an organizational structure assessing the impact of the strategic plan on organizational culture.

Recommended Marketing Positions

In this space, recommend marketing positions and opportunities for growth.

Measuring Success

In this space, explain plans to measure the success of the strategic plan.