Sales and Operations Planning



ABC Manufacturing is developing their 2017 SOP. The sales plan is already developed, using the forecast obtained from Demand Management and is as follows: (the numbers are in 1000’s)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec300 280 400 500 500 300 200 100 150 250 300 350
Other problem parameters are:
Initial worker level = 300, Initial inventory = 50,000, Required ending inventory = 100,000, Cost per unit = $50, one worker can produce 500 units/monthHiring cost = $200 per worker, Firing cost = $350 per worker, Inventory holding cost = 1% of item cost/month, Shortage cost = 3% of item cost/month.
1. Develop a Chase plan2. Develop a Level plan
For each plan, calculate the end of month inventory (or shortage) level, monthly hiring and firing schedule and costs, monthly inventory and shortage costs, and the total cost.
3. By trial and error, come up with a mixed strategy that will have less total cost than any of the above two.