(SALESFORCE) Company and its current operations

Business Ecosystem: What are the goods/services of the company? What are its core competencies and value adding processes and associated competitive advantages? In what respect is this industry/company international? Are suppliers or upstream facilities shared with competitors? Are competitor manufacturing or service facilities located in several countries? Is the product delivered to customers world-wide? What is the driver behind this Transformation? Access to scarce resources and/or to new Whole Product partners? Expansion into new markets? Acquisition of new core competencies? Creation of economies of scale? Hedging against uncertainty? Gaining more customer insight? What are the main challenges related to this Transformation? Logistics and distribution cost and complexity? Building a Virtual Enterprise and managing relationships with suppliers and customers? Mitigating risk in decision-making under uncertainty due to the dynamics of the global marketplace. How can exchange of collaboration best practices between Virtual Enterprise partners improve competitive advantage in the Business Ecosystem? The second part of the project will focus on the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics to improve decision-making in order to solve a specific Digital Business operations problem. Analyses based on Critical Thinking and use of quantitative data are strongly preferred over purely anecdotal analyses. You should also briefly step back and ask: “What can we learn from this problem?” Where else should the approach be used (in other companies or other industries?) What obstacle might you face? How would you overcome these?