Salvation in Jesus Christ.

Write a two-page paper on salvation in Jesus Christ. Possible topics for discussion are the following: What is the nature of salvation? Now is salvation accomplished? How does the Old Testament sacrificial system point to the person and work of Jesus Christ? What is the doctrine of justification by faith and why is it important? How does salvation in Christ shape and affect your life? You do not need to write on all of these topics — they are merely suggestions for reflection on salvation in Jesus Christ. Make sure to include Scripture in your answer. Look ahead to Chapter 6 in God’s Big Picture and read the section titled ‘The Cross: Salvation through Substitution”: also note the different images of salvation in this section (e.g.. redemption, reconciliation. justification, conquest). Requirements: Times New Roman. 12 point font. double-spaced. APA format, TWO COMPLETE PAGES The following content is partner provided