Santeria and Catholicism Inter religious Dialogue

(Jesus and Mary Dance with the Orisha’s : Theological Elements in Interreligious Dialogue by Clara Luz Ajo Lazaro which is about Santeria and Catholicism in Dialogue) by relating the primary text you read to the larger stream of spirituality it represents and exploring its significance for the spiritual life in your context of church parish ministry.
Be sure to do the following:

  1. Give your paper a clear and engaging title.
    Note (briefly) your context of ministry
  2. State your thesis!
  3. Review the historical and cultural context of this figure/movement, including important details and events.
  4. Discuss the key themes and concerns of this stream of spirituality and the insights into the spiritual life that you derive from these.
  5. Reflect on how these insights into the spiritual life challenge or support your community’s spiritual growth and identity
  6. How do these insights challenge or support your own spirituality? What invitation do you find here?
  7. Include key quotations that ground your reflections in the writing of particular authors.