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INEN 5316 Industrial Management Course Project
Contemporary Issues Essay – Fall 2017
Deadline: December 5, 2017 until 11:59 pm
Topic: Please look at recent recalls or other types of scandals in manufacturing area such as Toyota Acceleration scandal, Volkswagen or Blue Bell Ice cream recall.
Part 1: Articles
• Gather minimum five articles related to the Toyota scandal related to unexpected acceleration.
• The articles could be both from journals or newspaper article styles. Go to science direct from our library or popular news web sites such as CNN, USA Today, or any network news site.
Part 2: Ethical Violations
Write an essay that:
• Identify the ethical violations (find a minimum of 3 violations). Use the NSPE code of ethics as a guide.
• Identify the specific codes violated and provide a copy of specific sentences of text in the article that proves your assertion. Demonstrate your understanding of the ethical violations. This section should be a general discussion of the ethical violation. Describe the violation and the corresponding code.
• For this section minimum 500 words
• Identify the impacts of the ethical violations or other general contemporary issues on global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts. This section below will be graded using a rubric provided.
• Identify the root cause of the problem(s) or issues, make a problem statement with emphasizing clear understanding of issues.
• For this section minimum 500 words
• Describe how life-long learning would assist managers in avoiding the ethical violations. (Life-long learning may include graduate school, continuing education, licensing, certifications, attending conferences, becoming members of professional societies and other learning opportunities.) This section below will be graded using a rubric provided. You’re your recommendation about avoiding such events.
• For this section minimum 500 words

Students must submit this assignment individually.
• Use template provided
• Spacing: 1.5 space
• Font: Times new roman
• Font size: 12
• Margins: 1 inch on left/right and top/bottom
• Grading: See attached rubrics. Each essay will be graded according to the scales provided.
1. Minimum 5 Articles
2. Essay article using the template provided
Submission Requirements
• Submit this assignment via the assignment link in Blackboard. Submit a single Microsoft Word file (using template provided) that contains discussion of the article. Name the file using the following format:
• “Lastname_Firstname_Project”, so if I submitted this assignment, my file would be named:
• “Jaeyoung_Cho_Project”
• Submit an electronic copy or web link of the article along with your report (html, htm, pdf or Word format is requested). I am expecting the article to be found on the web so the article will be in electronic format and can be submitted for this assignment. The web link is required as part of the reference section of the template.
Submissions will NOT be considered under the following conditions:
1. Submissions sent via Blackboard email or other email
2. Submissions that do not use the template provided
3. Submissions received after the deadline