School and Community Partnerships

Compile a report that includes as much of the following demographic information as possible:

  1. What is the average per household income?
  2. What percentage of the community lives in single-family homes?
  3. What percentage of the community lives in rental housing?
  4. Has the price of housing increased or decreased in the last year or so? By what
  5. What is the education level of the population?
  6. What is the population number? Has it increased or decreased in the last five years?
  7. Has there been any major new housing construction in the school neighborhood?
  8. What are the primary types of occupations of the people in your community?
  9. What are the major economic contributors to the community?
  10. Is the community gaining or losing businesses?
  11. Describe the diversity of the community. Which cultures are represented?
  12. What are some general attitudes (both positive and negative) of the community as you see
  13. How much funding does the school receive per pupil? This is referred to as Average
    Daily Membership (ADM).
  14. Do there seem to be indications of social strata in the community? Explain.
  15. Add any other information available about your community that you believe to be
    relevant to help understand influences on the schools.