School Nutrition and Healthy Eating

The policy that needs to be address is Nutrition in a School, article will be provided.
This narrative- not to exceed 5 pages- will address the following:
How and why did you choose the agency?
What were your volunteer duties? What did you encounter/experience as a result?
Identify the policy issue that meets the above criteria and is it important to your elected official/agency? Why is this issue of interest to the elected
What values held by your official/agency are related to this issue?
Briefly describe the history/background of the problem related to this issue.
What population or group is most affected by this problem? How are they impacted?
What type of power do they have, if any?
Address the ethical, social, economic, cultural, and health implications of this problem.
What other things have been tried to resolve the problem?
How would the proposed policy improve or resolve the problem?
Describe any opposition to the proposed policy. What are the perceived/actual barriers to the proposed policy?
Where is the proposal currently in the legislative or process? What are the elected official’s goals for the proposal in this legislative session?
Why should this issue be important to nurses as healthcare providers and citizens?
Explain nursing’s role in helping to enact this policy