Science of Sales

Watch this video before taking the quiz: GV Workshop: The science of building a scalable sales team (Links to an external site.) Science of Sales Video:

In the very beginning (minute 1) Mark Roberge refers to being in charge of “net revenue” because of the issue of “churn”. So instead of just leading sales he was also leading “services and support”. Explain how the incentives (discussed later in the video) he used for his sales force tied together (fixed misalignment) in A-E-R stages of the customer “journey” such that their customer acquisition approach supported long-term CLV.
Explain why context matters for finding the right salesperson for their business.
How did he use evaluation, simulation/role-play, and data to improve the hiring process?
Under V2: Train your sales people” what is the Hubspot sales “playboolC?
Explain what he means by “consultative sellers” and -getting in your prospects’ head”?

Why does he believe journalist students are under-valued for companies’ “inbound’ marketing and told the key to the future of sales”?
Why do you think the “contextual” lead prospecting processes (minute 34) is so effective?
Assume you may work in some sort of inbound marketing/sales/customer account management role over the next 5 years, what are the three most valuable lessons you learned from this video. Give the time, the minute mark, in the video in which the lesson was taught: