Scientific Examinations Request Form (SERF) – exhibits list

Scientific Examinations Request Form (SERF) – exhibits list

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Details of Subjects:
Full name: KEN LONG DOB: 15/05/87 Sex: Male .
Occupation: Unemployed Ethnicity Code: IC1 Time of Arrest: 14 Oct 2015 .
Full name: DOB: Sex: .
Role: .
Occupation: Ethnicity Code: Time of Arrest: ..
Full name: DOB: Sex: .
Role: .
Occupation: Ethnicity Code: Time of Arrest: .
Full name: DOB: Sex: .
Role: .
Occupation: Ethnicity Code: Time of Arrest: .
Full name: DOB: Sex: .
Role: .
Occupation: Ethnicity Code: Time of Arrest: .
* Identity Codes:
1. White skinned European 2. Dark skinned European 3. Negroid 4. Indian / Pakistani 5. Chinese / Japanese 6. Arabian / Egyptian 7. Other
Circumstances of Incident:
Offence: Burglary
Location: Gem’s Jewellers, Grey Street, Newcastle
Date: 14 October 2015 Time: 02:47
At approximately 02:47 hours on 14 October 2015, a male gained access to Gem’s Jeweller’s, Grey Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, by smashing the front shop display window. Several hundreds pounds of watches were taken. CCTV showed the male, who was wearing a black balaclava, driving off in a red Renault Clio, towards the Quayside. He was the only occupant of the vehicle. The registration number of the vehicle was RT55 LNT.

Police tracked the vehicle on CCTV in Gateshead. After a pursuit, the male exited the vehicle on Durham Road and made off. Ken LONG was arrested hiding under a car the neighbouring Summerfield Road. He was arrested in connection with this offence.

Following a search of the area a black balaclava was found in a nearby garden. Tapings of the headrest of the abandoned Renault Clio, RT55 LNT, were taken by the attending SOCO.
Accounts given by suspect(s):
During interview, Ken LONG, denied driving the vehicle and any involvement in the incident at Gem’s Jewellers. He claimed to be hiding under the vehicle as he thought he was being chased.
Points to Prove:

1. Examine the balaclava for glass, whilst preserving for fibres.
2. Examine the vehicle taping for fibres from the balaclava.
3. Comment on the evidential significance of any findings in the form of a report.
Additional Information:

If you are submitting any additional information please indicate what this is by either checking the relevant box(es) below or by describing the nature and relevance of the material:
? Sexual Offences Form ? Scene Examiners Report
? NFFID Form ? Photographs / Visual Records
? Firearms Safety Form ? Plans
? Toxicology Form ? Witness / Victim Statements
List of Articles for Submission

Serial Number Identifying Mark Description of Article(s) Relating to Date, time, place, and by whom seized
TB/1 Balaclava Front Garden, 7 Summerfield Rd, Low Fell PC Bennett
04.56 hrs 14.10.15
KF/1 Fibre taping, Driver’s Seat Headrest Renault Clio,
RT55 LNT CSI Frank
17:20 hrs 14.10.15
MP/1 Control Glass, Front Display Window Gem’s Jewellers, Grey Street, Newcastle CSI Parry
09:15 hrs 14.10.15

Method of Delivery:
By Hand ? Courier • Registered / Recorded Post •

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Name of Person Delivering:

Rank / Job Title: .

Signature: Date: 28 November 15 .

Person Receiving at Laboratory:

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Signature: .

Date: 28 November 2015

Examination Notes
1. Please submit a photocopy of your completed item examination notes before the end of the lab session.

15 Marks
2. Write a report outlining the methodologies you have employed, your findings and their evidential significance. Within your report discuss the interpretation of your findings setting out clear propositions with regard to the framework of circumstances (CAI) of the case before providing an overall conclusion.
65 Marks
Literature/Previous Studies
3. What studies aid you in your interpretation of the significance (or otherwise) of the findings? Appropriate references should be provided. (Word Limit: 600 – excluding references)

20 Marks
TOTAL: 100 Marks