Scientific thinking


Make the assignment as per instructions
1Instructions for the Scientific Thinking Assignment PSYC 1115 (Dr. Skinner) For this assignment, you will be asked to propose a simple psychological study and find twopeer-reviewed sources on that topic. Your final paper should be submitted in the submissionfolder drop box on D2L. This assignment will be completed outside of class time and is worth10% of your final grade.Learning Objectives: By the end of this assignment you will be able to: Describe a psychological question of interest Prepare a simple research proposal using the scientific method to explore a psychologicalquestion Find and cite two peer-reviewed sources for a specific topicBefore You Begin:Read the instructions and grading rubric thoroughly and be sure to ask for help if you have anyquestions.In the folder in >Content Browser >Assignments >Research Proposal Assignment you will findthese instructions as well as the grading rubric. You will also see additional resources. Irecommend you become familiar with the following before you begin:- Review the basics of psychological researchYou may also want to review the following addition resources from the Summary & SourcesAssignment:- Assignment Guide – PsycInfo help and more- Scientific WritingI mention additional assignment supports below.Instructions:For this assignment you are going to write a research proposal (maximum 500 words) for asimple scientific study exploring a question of your choice. You must design either acorrelational study or an experiment – you cannot do a descriptive study. You will then findand cite two sources related to your topic.Note: this is a study proposal. You DO NOT need to collect any data from participants. 2I want you to ask a psychological question that interests you. This can vary from asking ‘Doesculture shock affect academic performance?’ to ‘What is the effect of living with pain on socialrelationships?’ Think of any question you have related to psychology.—-Support Questions:Over the past few weeks you have been completing ‘How Would You Know?’ exercises onLaunchPad. These exercises ask you questions on study design and interpretation. We willfollow that format here, except this time you are going to choose the psychological question.Answering these questions will form the ‘outline’ of your proposal. It is then up to you to writethe proposal more formally. Do not submit the answers to these questions as your proposal.These questions are here to guide you, but it is up to you to take these ideas and put them intofull paragraphs and a well thought-out proposal. Begin by considering the question you have chosen. Why do you think that this questionis interesting or important? Now that you have your question, you will need to choose a study design. Consider theoptions below – which is the best design for your study? (note: you must do either acorrelational study or an experiment)- Correlational Study- An Experiment Now you must decide who will be the best participants for your study. (Remember thatmany times in psychology we use convenience samples, such as student participants orwilling volunteers from our community.) Now consider how you are going to measure your variables of interest. These, recall, areyour operational definitions.- If you are doing a correlational study, will you use naturalistic observation,survey, or some other method to measure the two variables of interest?- If you are doing an experiment, what are your independent and dependentvariables? How will you measure your dependent variable? Now state what you think you will find (i.e., your hypothesis) – what are your predictedresults?  Fcoex—-Once you B T N D FThis shouYou willread/havcredible G C Insh F‘PFormattEach discconventio Uinally, list twontrol thesexplanation tou have answBegin with aThen state theNow state youDiscuss any pinish with auld be no lon then need tove a full undsources onGo to https://Click on Psycnput at leasthock’ and ‘aind two articProposed Reting:cipline has dons of the diUse full sentewo or three pvariables ino the proposered all of thsentence one methods your specific hpotential constatement asnger than 50o find and ciderstandingyour (see imtwo keyworacademic percles that areeferences’ sedifferent coniscipline areences (not popotential conyour study?sed relationshhese questionthe questionou would ushypothesis annfounds an ws to why the00 words.ite two peergof the articIn order to dibrary/articlemage below)rds based onrformance’).e credible soection (see fonventions foras follows:oint form).nfounding va? 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The headingsshould be centred and bolded. Use 12 point Times New Roman Font. Use double-spacing. Use tabs to begin paragraphs. Number the pages.See below for a sample assignment.Assignment Supports:You may want to review the library tutorials on Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Your Sources.Feel free to come visit me during office hours if you have questions about the assignment. Thefree psych tutors have also been given permission to help you with this assignment. It would bea wise idea to come by once you have your ‘outline’ (or answered to above questions) forsome quick input from me.In addition, you can use the library resources to help edit your paper. The Langara WritingCentre offers in person support or you can submit your assignment to the online writing helpservice Write Away for feedback in 24-48 hours. (See the Library website for more info.)Besides the two proposed references from your PsycInfo search, this assignment does not requirethe use of any external sources other than your textbook and course notes, which do not need tobe cited. However, if for some reason you do wish to cite a source, you should do so using APAstyle. The Langara guide to APA citations is found here:
Submitting Your Assignment:Once your assignment is completed, you will need to submit a .pdf file to D2L. To submit yourassignment on D2L go to > Assessments > Assignments on the navigation bar. From there youshould see a submission drop box called Research Proposal Assignment drop box. Click on thelink. On the submit files page, it should list the grading rubric for you to review. Once you arehappy with your submission, click Add a File. Upload the file and press Add. Click submit. Onthe file upload page click done.It will take approximately one to two weeks to grade your assignments. I will post anannouncement once feedback is available. When it is, go back to the submission folder and clickon the link to view the grading rubric and other comments. 5Be sure to submit your assignment on time. Although I will accept late assignments until oneweek after the due date, you will lose 5% per day starting at 12:00 am after the due date.Grading Rubric:Review the grading rubric posted on D2L to see how your assignment will be graded. You canfind the grading rubric under > Content Browser > Assignments > Summary & SourcesAssignment > Summary & Sources Grading Rubric.Note that in addition to the questions above, you will be evaluated on creativity, writingstyle, and formatting.A sample assignment title page and submission is on the following pages. 1Title of AssignmentStudent NameStudent NumberProfessor’s NameDate of Submission 2Assignment Title Below your assignment title, you will write your proposal. This will be 500 words total.Use paragraphs as necessary. Be sure you answered all the criteria above. You should alsoreview the grading rubric to make sure you haven’t missed anything!Proposed ReferencesPaste the citations for the two journal articles you found in your PsycInfo search. Try to ensureyou use proper formatting – see the APA guide at