Scott Samuleson “The Deepest Human Life”

What is Descartes’ arguments for knowing that he has a soul and that it is a different kind of thing than his body. How does this knowledge of his soul also show that there is a God who is not a deceiver?What is Pascal’s prudential argument for believing in God? What are the full set of criticisms of the argument provided by Lycan and Schlesinger?Ultimately, do you think we can have “knowledge” of God’s existence, nature, or plan for the world? If you so believe, what can and cannot provide the justification for this belief? If you accept the idea that we can have some kind of knowledge about God, where does that knowledge come from? Experiences in the world? A religious or mystical experience? Some rational arguments such as Plato’s and Descartes (if so which ones), or a prudential argument such as Pascal’s? If you reject the idea of the possibility of knowledge of God, what are your arguments for rejecting this possibility?