Security Risk Management

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Security Risk Management

Identify and describe at least three different risk assessment/risk management methodologies, including their relevance to assessing risks related to critical infrastructure, and their weaknesses and strengths as compared to one another.
Discuss why or why not there may be a need for a more comprehensive threat and risk assessments for chemical and biological attacks versus IED or other similar attack modes.
Identify the infrastructure sectors and choose three of the sectors that you consider the most “critical” and discuss your reasoning and methodologies for determining that ranking.
Discuss some problems that scholars have identified with using Risk Matrices, and then identify and discuss other identified limitations with solely using Risk = Threat X Vulnerability X Consequence for risk analysis of terror attacks.

2.Leadership theory

Critically reflect on your own experience of leadership and suggest areas for your own development, including an Action Plan (1500 words). Addresses learning outcome Use leadership theory and concepts in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership of Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon (1500 words)

3. Politics – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which the you answers the following three (3) items
1. Discuss either two (2) civil liberties or two (2) civil rights events (past or current) that have influenced a sense of social responsibility in the American government today. Provide examples to support your answer