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See Requirements

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Title: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Description: For purposes of this exercise, please assume that you are the Governor of Florida. Your daily clippings contained an article entitled, Foreign Powers Steal Data on Critical U.S. Infrastructure, NSA Chief Says by Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post. After reading this article, you became very concerned about the critical infrastructure in your state and you’ve tasked your staff with drafting an essay. The essay (your term paper) must address the following issues:

What are the top 3 critical infrastructure sectors in your state that are vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Which state agency is responsible for these sectors? Please list the agency and provide information on relevant state laws.

Pursuant to the NIPP, which federal department is responsible for protecting the security of the three sectors? Please list the Sector Specific Agency and provide information on the relevant Sector Specific Plan.

What role does the private sector have in protecting these sectors?