see the world clearly

see the world clearly

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Choose ONE piece of art at The Alice to focus on. Write a response to the art piece using our three questions:

1. Using descriptive words, write down what you see. Describe the materials, colors, textures and shapes. How do you think it was made? What comes to mind as you look? Imagine you are describing the art to someone who has never seen it before. Avoid generalizing, use specific details.

a. Write more description. Assume the reader has never seen the piece you are describing. Be thoughtful and deliberate.
Try to enjoy yourself!
b. Consider how it was made or what the making process
references, in your experience?
c. Play with the organization (but make sure you answer all

2. Describe the differing materials’ relationships with each other. Have you seen these combinations in the “real world” before? Why do you think this artist combined these materials in this way? How do the combinations effect you? What do these combinations of materials, shapes and colors remind you of in your life?

a. Allow yourself to describe what the materials reference for you specifically. Everyone looking will have a different reaction because we have all lived different lives. This makes all of your individual
papers interesting.
b. Don’t go off on too much of a tangent. Keep your stories short, it
shouldn’t dominate the entire paper. Just a quick snippet.

3. How does the artist participate in social change using their work? How does the art make you think differently (critically) about the world? How does the art and artist make social change possible?

a.Consider the other conversations, texts, films, performances, etc.
we have encountered. Use your experience this quarter to help you answer these tough questions. Try to be as specific as possible.

Type up your responses into a two full page document. This time, feel free to play with font, spacing, and form. Your thoughts can be more creatively represented in this essay. Just be sure you have two full pages of writing!

•Pick one piece to focus on and interact with •You need 2 full pages of typed writing. 1 inch margins all around. •NO proper heading, your name and date should be somewhere… •A title that connects to YOUR art piece AND the art piece you choose
•Play with font to convey your meaning (no color): boo boo Boo.
Consider using different font choices strategically to express yourself. But be careful not to over do it, because then you run the risk of losing impact
•Play with how your paragraph looks. Or is it one giant paragraph? Indent or not? How do you want it to flow? Use (or don’t use) paragraphs and spacing intentionally.