Self Developed Leadership in the Purchase Development

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In this challenging (but short) essay, you will synthesize your learning in LMX, TMX, and Collins’ multi-level leadership model. Then draft your own leadership self-development plan. You must use leadership and motivation concepts as presented in this class—not as they appear online. Think carefully about what kinds of self-directed activity will best serve to acquire leadership abilities, knowing that your company is unlikely to provide all needed opportunities.
Write your essay in perfect APA style, without tables, graphs, or bulleted lists. The minimum length is 2,000 words, from the body of the abstract to the end of the concluding paragraph prior to the reference section, excluding quoted words or passages. Attend carefully to font, font size, lineation, margins, and indentation. Examine the posted sample APA-styled paper for all such standards. It is on a different topic but is flawless in its formatting. Observe all detail.
In addition to the abstract, include the following sections (at least one paragraph per section): Introduction (no header). Describe your current organization, and explain your intent.
Concepts (primary section header). Describe the following core leadership theories. For each one, give complete logic, based strictly on the in-class discussions, to support your reasoning.
LMX (secondary section header). Explain LMX as discussed in class, making reference to the paradigm that governs the theory. Emphasize the role of the information flow.
TMX (secondary section header). Explain TMX as discussed in class, making reference to the governing paradigm. Again, pay attention to the role of the information flow.
Multi-Level Leadership (secondary section header). Explain the multi-level leadership model, including the linkages to McClelland’s manifest needs, as discussed in class.
Logic (primary section header). Using precise word choice, explain how the KSA model informs the process of leadership self-development. Be sure to include at least three of the ability types.
Modalities (secondary section header). In your discussion of how KSAs correctly align with specific leadership-building goals, specify the correct type of learning modality (classroom, self-study, role-playing, coaching, mentorship, or challenging experiences).
Leadership Self-Development Plan (primary section header). Conclude your essay with your plan. Draft a logical course of action by which you can take advantage of likely leadership self- development opportunities, using LMX, TMX, and Collins’ multi-level model appropriately.
Title Page, Abstract, Reference Section, and Other Standards. See the posted APA-styled sample paper to help prepare the title page, page headers, abstract, and references with precision. Use correct, formal English (no contractions, colloquial expressions, or slashes between words), and punctuate correctly using US rules. Avoid quoting in the first sentence of a paragraph. Cite fully when quoting. Quote minimally. Above all, avoid duplicating long strings of words from outside sources (a.k.a. plagiarism). Cite the textbook and at least two scholarly journal articles (with named authors, more than one page each, and their own reference sections). Good luck!