Define “self-disclosure” and explain how it varies in degrees and changes over time and what can happen to a relationship over time if self-disclosures are not reciprocal.
Explain each of the three relational dialectics the four ways we handle dialectical tensions.
Explain what confirming and disconfirming climates are and the three types of messages that create confirming and disconfirming climates.
Briefly describe the six steps of developing relationships.
Explain how gender, cultural diversity, and sexual attraction challenges friendships.
Briefly describe the six stages of growth in a romantic relationship.
Briefly describe the five stages of relational deterioration.
Briefly describe the seven stages that families with children go through as they progress through life.
Explain ways in which conflict in relationships can be productive.
Describe the five types of conflict in interpersonal relationships.
Describe the five strategies for managing interpersonal conflict.