Self-effacing interaction in early childhood

How can self-effacing interaction in early childhood, such as board game play, in targeted SES( socio-economic-status) populations as low-income Hispanic families, encourage beneficial interpersonal interactions and positive competency and academic outcomes?
The Data Analysis Detail assignment combines two functions. It describes how you analyzed your data and also includes what can be called “findings”. It should report and describe the data you have discovered in the examination of data collected. It differs from the conclusion in that you do not make judgments or make assumptions when reporting your the results from your data analysis. You report and describe.
Your analysis might be as few as 1 page or as many as 5 pages depending on the volume of data you collect. It is written in academic style with no level of hyperbole or emphasis as to whether the data is either”good” or “bad”.
For more information go to the “Methodology” tab and scroll down to assignment #1 there are additional sources and suggestions for completing this portion of your project.

What I am thinking for this homework is to analyze how playing board games like classic board games.. example : chutes and ladders; Hoot owl Hoot; Charades for kids early ages (hispanic population)
Please find literature review to back up this concept and make a matrix with the comparison of between each game with different cognitive and intellectual advantages
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Assignment #2 Methodology The purpose of this portion of your capstone research project is to demonstrate that you have examined perspectives different from your own. Your goal is to discover if there is a body of research that studies the same phenomenon (topic) as yours but investigates and claims a different cause, purpose, outcome, or process. We often use the phrase of “playing the Devil’s advocate” to represent the act of presenting the opposite perspective. In this case, you must try to go find the “Devil’s advocate” and include that research and its point of view and findings in your literature review.
This is not a particularly easy task. In the last semester or two you have invested large amounts of time investigating your own particular perspective and have filtered out frameworks/themes of research that do not “fit”. Now, you must attempt to find one or two and “give them their due” in your literature review portion of your project.
How much? One or two, represent that perspective by describing their research and conclusion(s) that support that unique view of the topic.
What if you can’t find any? Then the task is to explain why there don’t seem to be any alternative perspective(s) to these topic.