Sensation vs. Perception

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The brain is a marvelous tool that helps us interpret the many experiences we encounter on a daily basis. Yet, our perception may be vastly different than the reality of the sensory cues we receive.

Watch Perspective: Brain Games (Season 6), which explores the way in which the brain actively constructs reality. In addition, view the
Charlie Chaplin Optic Illusion

Read “Culture and Point of View (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.”.
Discuss perception. In your discussion, include the following:
Distinguish between “sensation” and “perception”. Identify some of the major structures in the brain that are responsible for these processes.
Identify some of the important cues the brain uses to make sense of the world.
Examine why the brain sometimes perceives things differently than they actually are. Point out an example other than those given in the required sources for the week.
Indicate possible cultural explanations for differences in perceptual experience based on your resources and your experiences