Write a paper addressing these three topics:

Sentencing Reform: What are the consequences and criticism of three strike laws? What have they accomplished? How have they benefited society? How have they hurt society?

Discretion in Sentencing: Find an example of “creative sentencing” online (reference pages 365-366 in text). Create a post that describes the offense, the “creative” sentence, and your interpretation of the sentence. Is it appropriate or meant only to demean or embarrass the offender?

Sentencing Alternatives: Approximately one-half of all inmates incarcerated in the U.S. are considered nonviolent offenders. Considering that correction costs tend to be one of the most expensive budget items found in any U.S. state, how might cost savings from reduced imprisonment benefit a state, taxpayers, and even students (think about the annual cost of college tuition and fees versus the cost of incarcerating a single inmate)? Debate the pros and cons of incarcerating nonviolent offenders at a high cost versus a less costly alternative like probation.
After debating the pros and cons, state your opinion.